NSTIC launches global government identity initiative
30 October 2015 08:10 GMT

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace has announced the formation of a new OpenID Foundation (OIDF) working group called the International Government Assurance Profile (iGov) that will involve the work of 10 governments and the private sector.

The iGov profile working group will work on the development an interoperable profile of OpenID Connect (OIDC) to allow users to authenticate and share consented attribute information in a “consistent and user-centric manner”.

In a blog post, NSTIC wrote that “iGov will set the foundation for secure and privacy-enhancing authentication and authorization transactions based on common requirements from the global community.”

Connect.Gov, the U.S. government’s shared service for privacy-enhancing authentication and attribute delivery, will pilot the iGov profile with early-adopter agencies

The iGov workgroup aims to harness the collective experience and lessons learned of multiple international governments to develop a security and privacy profile that can be utilized across a range of public sector online offerings.

France Connect, BA ID in Argentina and Clave Unica in Chile are some examples of Governments currently using OpenID Connect for broad citizen to Government interaction.

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