Biometrics Alliance Initiative reveals new benchmark
03 December 2015 13:53 GMT

The Biometrics Alliance Initiative for biometric technologies has revealed the availability of an evaluation and certification benchmark.

The benchmark, for biometric technologies used in biometric-based non-governmental solutions, aims to enable the evaluation and certification of biometric technologies in a consistent manner that encompasses all their various aspects while establishing a common approach for laboratories.

The group wrote in a press release that this benchmark has benefited from the expertise and contributions of 4 major types of actors involved in the implementation of biometric technologies, namely:

• R&D laboratories,

• Evaluation laboratories and certification bodies,

• End users who rely on biometric technologies to propose new services or a new user experience,

• Industrial firms.

“This benchmark fulfills the need for visibility and transparency regarding the underpinnings of biometric solutions. It also lays the foundations enabling companies seeking to deploy biometric technologies, to evaluate and appreciate the performance of their chosen solution.

“Finalizing these initial steps will aim at implementing an evaluation and certification template based on a joint assessment of the various dimensions characterizing biometrics, including: functionalities, performance, interoperability, environment, and security”.

For more information on the benchmark, read here.