Russian startup wins US face recognition competition
16 December 2015 09:44 GMT

A new Russian biometric firm called N-Tech.Lab has won a face recognition benchmark competition organised by the University of Washington.

An algorithm created by N-Tech.Lab called facenx_large succeeded in bypassing more than 100 solutions from its competitors at MegaFace, including Google’s FaceNet.

Their algorithm, which is based on a  neural network, achieved a 73.300% rate of accuracy compared to 70.496% for Google's FaceNet v8.

"At the moment we are planning to release a number of mass products based on our technology, as well as considering the possibility of attracting investments for further development of the company," the founder of N-Tech.Lab Artem Kukharenko told Russian media.

According to him, a dating service, allowing people to search for someone with particular features, could be one of its possible commercial projects, Vedomosti reports.

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