Macau casinos deploy Cognitec face recognition system
08 February 2016 13:48 GMT

Major Macau casinos have deployed a specialised face recognition technology developed by German biometric firm Cognitec to alert security staff in real time about banned persons entering the premises.

Cognitec’s FaceVACS-VideoScan uses advanced face recognition technology to detect people’s faces in live video streams and compare them to databases of banned persons. Security staff receive real-time alerts and can deny entrance to the detected individual, preventing losses and criminal activities.

The solution has been installed in partnership with Melco Crown Entertainment in “multiple efficient system installations”, with Cognitec supporting the large-scale design and implementation efforts on site.

Stephen Meltz, Managing Director Asia Pacific at Cognitec, said: “Championed by David Mackay, SVP of Asset Protection, Melco Crown’s security team welcomed Cognitec’s technical specialists to work determinedly toward the completion of these projects. We are proud to deliver the first system of its kind in the casino market.”

Leroy Daniel, Executive Director, Surveillance Operations at Melco Crown Entertainment, said:“By working closely with Cognitec and through a process of internal research, experimentation and analysis, we have found a tipping point,” said Leroy Daniel. “We are confident that our joint commitment to this significant project will result in safer casino environments for casino staff and patrons.”

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