Samsung patents smartwatch with vein authentication
09 February 2016 15:46 GMT

South Korean tech giant Samsung has patented a smartwatch concept that envisions a sensor mounted in the wearable device that scan the back of the user's hands.

Unlike other concepts of wearable biometrics, the process wouldn’t fit in a wrist band and conduct all authentication there. Rather, it would target an “authentication region” on the hand and record the structure of the veins.

However, in the patent filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Samsung does say that the watch would have the capability to also detect the user's pulse and even their body temperature.

In the patent, the OEM describes various functionalities such as personalising music lists, authenticating credit card transactions and logging in to social media.

Wearable biometric authentication is increasingly being touted as a solution for financial transactions, with Canada's Nymi - a wristband that measures ECG patterns - currently being trialled for use by major US and UK banks, and credit card companies.

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