Peru rolls out new ePassports
24 February 2016 11:53 GMT

The Imprimerie Nationale Group and Gemalto have started issuing the first personalised Peruvian ePassports. The companies were jointly awarded a multi-year contract at the end of 2015 to deliver a complete end-to-end ePassport solution for Peru, with the supply of highly secure electronic documents. 

The Imprimerie Nationale / Gemalto consortium was selected following an international tender launched in August 2015 by the Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones de Peru, under a bidding process controlled by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). 

The Imprimerie Nationale is leading the consortium and providing the design and manufacture of the documents.

According to the companies the new ePassport offers the highest security levels including exclusive watermark, micro lettering, inlay, UV and rainbow printing, and secure inks. For Peru's 30 million citizens, the new ePassports will help combat identity fraud and greatly speed border crossing. 

Gemalto is ensuring the implementation of the complete credentials system, with the creation of 20 enrolment sites and personalisation throughout the country, based on its Sealys eTravel secure embedded software for identity authentication, and its Coesys Instant Issuance for on the spot document personalisation and delivery. Gemalto says it will secure data enrolment including automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS), public key infrastructure (PKI) services, ePassport personalisation, a contingency data centre plus quality and access control across the entire ePassport ecosystem. 

“Two weeks after the launch of the programme, the first ePassport specimens were delivered to the Ministry of the Interior of Peru. And today, only two months later, the first 5,000 ePassports have been delivered on time and the first enrolment and personalisation site is fully operational. This is an industry first in terms of timeline,” says Didier Trutt, CEO of the Imprimerie Nationale Group. 

“With this new ePassport, the citizens of Peru will receive unprecedented levels of security, privacy and convenience as they travel across the world,” says Frédéric Trojani, executive vice president of Government Programs at Gemalto.  “The ePassport programme for Peru leverages Gemalto's proven expertise in global eGovernment implementations with more than 30 ePassport roll-outs worldwide. The Gemalto solution encompasses end-to-end programme management in addition to the delivery, personalisation and instant issuance of these highly secure digital passports.”

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