Crossmatch authentication solution chosen by credit union
17 May 2016 13:45 GMT

Identity management and authentication solutions provider Crossmatch has announced that El Paso Area Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) is deploying the Crossmatch DigitalPersona Altus authentication solution throughout its branch locations.

The credit union is using the authentication platform to secure access to all internal applications. The DigitalPersona Altus solution allows TFCU employees to use their unique biometric credentials to clock in for their shift, log on to branch computers and securely access all TFCU applications such as FSP, Meridian Link, ADP and UCB Desktop.

Prior to implementing the DigitalPersona Altus solution, forgotten passwords accounted for 20-30 daily calls to the credit union IT help desk. In addition to the efficiency strain on the help desk, there was the potential security risk that employees would write down their passwords.

Crossmatch noted in a statement that TFCU needed an authentication solution that eliminates the need for its employees to remember and manage multiple passwords. The credit union considered a variety of solutions, including password vaults, but chose the DigitalPersona Altus offering, which is based on non-repudiable biometric credentials.

"The DigitalPersona Altus authentication solution helps us accomplish three important goals," said Louie Villa, Special Projects Administrator at TFCU. "We are securing access to our applications with strong multi-factor authentication, improving productivity and eliminating the cost of password resets."

"Our employees are excited about this change," said Villa. "Branch staff appreciate that they no longer have to remember multiple passwords, and our help desk staff are able to focus on other critical projects now that they are not dealing with constant password-related help desk calls."

"Financial institutions are looking for solutions that address their complex and evolving security challenges without creating complicated workflows that impede productivity," said Richard Agostinelli, Crossmatch CEO. "Implementing biometric credentials removes the human factor and creates a solution that is both secure and usable. We are thrilled to see yet another financial institution leverage Crossmatch strong multi-factor authentication to elevate security and enhance productivity."

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