FPC targets budget market with entry-level touch sensor
20 June 2016 12:05 GMT

Swedish fingerprint sensor maker Fingerprint Cards hopes to expand its dominance of the budget smartphone market with a new entry-level sensor.

The firm has described the new FPC1028 as FPC's most cost-efficient solution for smartphone manufacturers.

FPC says that the lower manufacturing cost is due to a smaller sensor surface area as well as the total system solution, which has helped to reduce costs for integrating the touch fingerprint sensor in a fingerprint sensor module.

As seen in a promo video, the touch fingerprint sensor can be placed under thick glass.

Jörgen Lantto, CEO of FPC, comments: "FPC1028 is a groundbreaking touch fingerprint sensor that we believe will substantially increase the market penetration of fingerprint sensors in smartphones in 2017, due to its cost-efficient design. Smartphone manufacturers will now be able to offer consumers convenient and secure biometric authentication in all smartphone models in the customers' product portfolio. In the same way as FPC's other OneTouch fingerprint sensors, FPC1028 offers the industry's best image quality, highest robustness and lowest power consumption, which also allows smartphone manufacturers to offer a great user experience in smartphones for the entry-level segment," says Jörgen Lantto.

FPC1028 has undergone extensive testing and verification, and prototypes are available for smartphone manufacturers in collaboration with leading module manufacturers, the firm adds.

Full qualification of FPC1028 is scheduled for the second half of 2016, and the first commercial smartphones integrating FPC1028 are expected to be launched in late 2016/early 2017.  

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