Tascent unveils mobile biometric platform for iPhone
19 July 2016 14:48 GMT

Biometrics and identity firm Tascent has revealed a multimodal biometric platform that leverages its own iris solutions but also the software and hardware in the iPhone 6.

Called the M6, the solution supports iris, face, fingerprint, and voice biometrics.

In a statement, Tascent said the M6 is well suited to applications ranging from consumer travel and financial services to public safety and humanitarian aid.

“Tascent M6 hits a sweet spot not commonly found in the market: It’s highly compact and easy to use, while also delivering advanced multimodal biometric capabilities in a secure, scalable framework,” says Joey Pritikin, VP Marketing and Product Management at Tascent. 

“This makes it an ideal fit for a wide range of emerging commercial applications, while also delivering a true next generation capability to established end users in government and related markets.”

The product is offered in two configurations, with one supporting fingerprint, face, and voice biometrics and the other enabling the full complement of iris, fingerprint, face and voice biometrics. Tascent M6 is powered by world-class biometric sensors, which include Tascent’s advanced iris imaging system and Integrated Biometrics’ Sherlock fingerprint sensor.

With these devices, Tascent M6 is capable of dual-eye iris capture and dual-print or rolled fingerprint capture, even in bright sunlight. M6 has received FBI’s rigorous Appendix F FAP45 certification for fingerprint capture, and meets international standards for biometric and product performance.

According to Geoffrey Lipman, President of the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP), founder of The SUN Program and the first president of the World Travel & Tourism Council, “For too long, air travel has been characterized by long lines and frustrating identity checks.

Automated biometric identity, such as Tascent has deployed at Gatwick and Dubai Airports, is shifting the tide toward a positive, secure traveler experience. Tascent M6 is an ideal complement to these automated systems, enabling mobile enrollment and a versatile identity verification capability to facilitate a broader use of biometrics in air travel.”

“Together with our global partners, we’re proud to offer a mobile biometric solution that can help improve convenience and efficiency while bolstering safety and security,” says Dean Senner, CEO of Tascent. “With Tascent M6, we’re starting to see a next generation of applications emerge that will help to define the future of how we travel, work, and establish and verify identity with confidence.”

See here for an exclusive interview about the solution.

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