RightPatient donates Patient ID software to cancer centres
26 July 2016 14:35 GMT

Biometric patient ID firm RightPatient has launched an initiative to donate their cloud-based identification software to Pediatric Cancer Centers across the country.

The programme is intended to strengthen patient safety by ensuring that patients are accurately identified prior to radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

In a statement, the firm noted that time pressures, distractions, and complacency can cause patient identification errors before administering cancer treatments, an extremely dangerous scenario where outcomes could be lethal.

It added that the solution can be used on patients as young as 12 months of age and significantly reduces the risk of medical errors associated with incorrect patient identification.

“Patient misidentification and record matching errors continue to be a pressing problem in the healthcare industry,” said Michael Trader, Co-Founder and President of RightPatient. “This initiative demonstrates our commitment to solving the identity crisis in healthcare and our desire to keep the most vulnerable and at-risk patients safe from adverse events stemming from improper patient identification.”

“Patient safety is a collective focus of the entire healthcare industry, especially within environments such as cancer treatment which can be extremely dangerous if a patient is misidentified prior to receiving care,” commented Todd Pawlicki, Vice Chair of UC San Diego’s Department of Radiation and Applied Sciences.

“The use of RightPatient with Photo Biometrics for accurate pediatric patient identification ensures that specialists administer the right treatment to the right child through an intuitive multi-factor authentication platform. This is a vital and altruistic initiative to advance pediatric cancer care treatment safety.”


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