California to mull biometric standards in data breach law
23 August 2016 15:49 GMT

A California lawmaker has proposed that a standard be established for businesses to protect personal consumer information including location and biometric data.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D) wants to revive an old privacy bill, adding new standards for businesses to use reasonable security procedures and practices if they hold or maintain personal information, reports Bloomberg Law.

Gatto told Bloomberg that his new amendments reflect a compromise he negotiated for two years with business and privacy groups that still accomplishes his intent to set standards for protecting personal data where none now exist.

“The next frontier is to use facial recognition to track you when you walk into a mall,” he said. “People who store this information should have strong encryption and consumer protections.”

The newspaper notes that the new bill would expand the definition of personal information in California law beyond social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and medical information to include geolocation and biometric data, tax identification numbers, passport numbers, military identification numbers, and employment identification numbers.

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