Synaptics sampling new under-glass fingerprint sensors
30 August 2016 14:18 GMT

Human interface solutions firm Synaptics has revealed that it is sampling a new range of its Natural ID under-glass fingerprint sensors.

Sampling has begun sampling of its new 6x6mm Natural ID FS4500 fingerprint sensor solution, which the firm notes will deliver secure biometric authentication through glass or ceramic buttons, and ecessed cover glass up to 300um thick.

Some of the new features of the FS4500 sensor that allow easy integration into mobile handset platforms include:

  • Single voltage power supply
  • Enhanced navigation capabilities based on Synaptics’ market leading touchscreen technology
  • Ability to control two ‘soft keys’ with the fingerprint sensor

 “Synaptics is the industry leading fingerprint sensor provider with nearly 300 million Natural ID units shipped, and our new FS4500 is a testament to human interface innovation in capacitive touch fingerprint sensing through glass,” said Anthony Gioeli, vice president of marketing, Biometrics Product Division, Synaptics. “We are thrilled with the interest this new technology has garnered and are excited to continue executing on our path toward biometric authentication through thicker glass and into the display itself, leveraged by ongoing integration of our core company technologies.”

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