White House recommends biometrics to halt data breaches
30 September 2016 14:13 GMT

A new cyber-security initiative from the White House encourage Americans to use biometrics and more secure login measures to prevent more massive data breaches.

The new plan, called Lock Down Your Login, offers advice and information on cyber-security, noting that every two seconds there is another victim of identity fraud. It is being launched by the White House, the National Cyber Security Alliance and a range of companies from Google, Twitter and Mozilla to Wells Fargo. 

"Strong authentication, such as the use of a fingerprint or the confirmation of a one-time code, for your online accounts could have prevented as many as 62 percent of successful data breaches last year," the White House said in its fact sheet.

“Your usernames and passwords are not enough to keep your accounts secure. You have enough to worry about, so what can you do about it?,” says the website.

It will be National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, when the alliance and the US Department of Homeland Security, according to the White House, will "call on all Americans and businesses to share the responsibility and take steps to be safer and more secure online."

Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance., of the National Cyber Security Alliance, told Cnet that the Yahoo hack of some 500 million accounts, admitted last week, was an eye-opener because email accounts often contain "crown jewels," like the passwords to all our other accounts and a vast array of personal information.

Last week, just a few days after Yahoo admitted the huge data breach, it added biometric security to the mail app on android.

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