Despite Brexit, UK committed to EU biometric database
02 November 2016 15:37 GMT

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has reportedly stated a commitment to keep the country in the European Union’s fingerprint and DNA database, despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU in a referendum.

Although Parliament supported opting back into the so-called Prüm Convention last December, observers has speculated that its membership of the crime-fighting biometric database could be impacted by the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

Brandon Lewis, a Home Office minister, has revealed the Government will press ahead, in a letter sent to a Commons committee which is investigating the issue.

The decision will come as a relief to the police and security services, who have argued EU-wide co-operation is essential to catch foreign criminals and terrorists who commit offences in Britain, reports The Independent.

However, Brexit supporters aren’t happy with the decision.

“It will be unacceptable to the British people – who have voted to regain control of their nation – to find out that their most important data, such as fingerprints and car registrations, will continue to come under the ruling of the ECJ,” Conservative MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, told the newspaper.

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