Bob Stewart joins Votem
10 March 2017 16:23 GMT

Former CEO of Sonavation  Bob Stewart is joining voting technology firm Votemas as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a member of its senior leadership team effective immediately.

Bob most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer and elected member of the Board of Directors of Sonavation, Inc. Bob was instrumental in turning the company's products around, focusing efforts on the delivery of the company's IDkey consumer and enterprise devices containing, industrial and mobile fingertip biometric identification and access control products, solutions and services.

Bob's professional focus has been on the convergence of technological systems capable of positive intrinsic disruption of current paradigms in research in the fields of healthcare, privacy, biometrics, identity, physical and cyber security.

Bob drove the ideation and development of sensors capable of providing virtually un-spoofable identification through the collection of subcutaneous biometric data while reading fingerprints even through smartphone GorillaGlass. At Sonavation, Bob further tied that capability to a guarded RC3-compliant private data center infrastructure containing a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 PKI to provide the world's first absolute and non-reputable transaction verification platform and patented API fabric.

Throughout his career, Bob led departments for Research and Development, Intellectual Property, Electrical, Mechanical, and ASIC Engineering, Information Technology including a NISPOM compliant Data Center, Counter-Cyber Network Operations Monitoring and Physical Security Center, Full-Stack, Protocol and Embedded Software and ASIC Software Development, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Manufacturing, Class 10000 Clean Room MEMS Facilities, Audit, as well as Program Management, Product Development, Sales and Marketing groups for the  ultrasonic sensor company.

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