NEC introduces NeoFace Express at connect:ID
02 May 2017 22:12 GMT

Identity tech firm NEC Corporation of America (NEC) launched the NeoFace Express facial recognition solution at connect:ID 2017.

The solution is based on NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition technology, and is being demonstrated at NEC Booth 101 at the event's global exhibition in Washington, D.C from 2-3 May.

In a statement, the company said NeoFace Express represents a new class of facial recognition-based access control system setting the stage for the future of travel, access, and identity recognition.

“Its unique capabilities are the result of NEC’s years of research and global deployment experience in high throughput identity validation. With its robust capture process and sleek design, NeoFace Express delivers frictionless, seamless enrollment, verification and identification in a variety of settings, such as; airports, border management, stadiums, ports of entry/exit, amusement parks, enterprises and other high-demand, high-traffic areas.

“Having selected facial recognition as the most convenient means of implementing biometric exit system  and the growing need for similar applications in other verticals, NEC is proud to now offer NeoFace Express,” said Raffie Beroukhim, Senior Vice President, Advanced Recognition Systems division, NEC Corporation of America. “Combined with NeoFace, NEC now has the most accurate, cost effective and convenient platform for implementing rapid, facial recognition-based access control systems allowing for movement from an unsecured to a secure location with minimal friction.”

The firm noted that NeoFace was recently validated as the highest-performing algorithm in the Face in Video Evaluation (FIVE) by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It also said over the past seven years, NIST has consistently ranked NEC as the top provider of facial recognition algorithms because they are the most resilient to various viewing angles, low-resolution images and poor image quality.


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