Experian outlines the benefits of biometrics
11 May 2017 16:41 GMT

Credit identity firm Experian has revealed plans to offer multiple biometric security option through partnering with biometric companies on its CrossCore platform.

In a statement, Experian outlined the reasons why it believes biometrics offer a great balance of convenience and security.

”Biometrics is an extremely important part of a layered approach to fraud and a great addition to the CrossCore platform because it gives users the ability to recognize good customers in a frictionless way,” said David Britton, Global Vice President, Industry Solutions, Fraud and Identity at Experian. “We designed CrossCore to catch fraud faster, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience and biometrics helps us achieve just that.”

Experian said it is offering these type of solutions through their CrossCore platform by partnering with companies such as BioCatch, Daon, and NuData.

Earlier this week, Daon noted that its IdentityX product will provide CrossCore users with access to multi-factor authentication using multi-modal biometric security.

“With CrossCore we wanted to give our clients the flexibility they need to balance customer protection with customer experience,” said Kathleen Peters, Global Vice President, Product Management, Fraud and Identity at Experian. “Partners are key to our plug and play capabilities – giving clients more choices to connect necessary solutions all in one place. Daon’s biometric authentication will help clients reduce fraud, while reducing customer friction”. 

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