University of Georgia adopts iris recognition
11 May 2017 16:43 GMT

University of Georgia students are to be given the option to enroll in a system where they can use their irises to enter dining halls and student centres.

Brian Varin, the executive director of Dining Services, told university newspaper the Red and Black that the new cameras should be faster and more sanitary than the current system.

“We’re just making it more efficient and easier to gain access to the dining commons,” Varin said. “It’s really fast and very convenient. We’re really excited about it. We think it’s going to be a good enhancement.”

The system works by taking a picture of the iris and then comparing it to biometric data kept on file with the university.

The new system means students will no longer need to enter their ID number, and unlike the hand scanners, students on a commuter plan can also use this system, Varin said.

Varin also said this process should take less than two seconds each time.