Iris ID speeding up eGates in Qatar
18 May 2017 15:45 GMT

Biometrics firm Iris ID has revealed that its iris recognition tech is helping passengers at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport to pass through self-service security e-gates in as little as 10 seconds.

To use the biometric system, passengers place their ID cards or passports on a reader which opens a gate to a second portal. Iris scans or fingerprint readers are used to authenticate identity before opening the last barrier before the boarding gates. The process is repeated for passengers returning from trips outside Qatar.

Mohammad Murad, vice president of global sales and business development for Iris ID, said iris recognition is ideal for secure border application as it is the fastest and most accurate of available biometric technologies.

“In addition to providing the highest performance levels, iris recognition can be used by people wearing glasses of contact lenses,” he said. “Also, an iris system doesn’t require any contact with the reader, making it hygienically safe and non-intrusive.”

Col. Mohammed Rashid Al Mazrouei, director of the Qatar Airport Passports Department, told MOI News the simplicity of the process has made it increasingly popular with passengers.

“This system allows passengers to complete the security check without the involvement of airport employees,” he said. “Passengers save time and avoid long queues in front of airport immigration counters. And the system meets all required security standards.”

The International Civil Aviation Organization has praised the Hamad International program as a model system that can be applied by other countries.