HD Barcode and IriTech reveal embed iris data in 2D bar code
23 May 2017 18:43 GMT

HD Barcode and biometrics firm IriTech have unveiled a new ID card solution that can embed biometric iris data in a proprietary 2D barcode. Called HD IrisCheck , the HD Barcode that is created can only be authenticated with a secure code generator which remains with the customer. This ensures those with the ability to read HD Barcodes may not create or alter code data. The system is linked to a USB enabled mobile reader called the IriShield scanner, for scanning and matching an individual’s iris to the data contained in the HD Barcode. The companies point out that schools and institutions have been reluctant to create and maintain databases containing personal identification information as possible breaches may compromise sensitive information. By temporarily obtaining iris scans, creating the secure code, and immediately purging personal information from the client machine, there is no data stored. Each agency or school will have a unique password protected code generator integrated on their server or would be granted cloud based access to create HD Barcodes. The companies say the system also eliminates the chance of backdoor hacking from occurring. Mobile devices with the authorisation key will be distributed to select personnel for the sole purpose of reading only their HD Barcodes and no others.

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