South African scientists develop 'cognitive' ID tech
02 June 2017 14:41 GMT

A team of researchers at South Africa’s aiThenticate Computervision Labs have developed a new authentication system using a ‘simulation of human cognition’.

The markers argue that the simple mathematics that underscore conventional biometrics explains why misidentification is a very real problem with fingerprint, face print, voice print and iris print solutions, rendering conventional biometrics inadequate as a real-world authentication solution, reports Defenseweb.

According to the firm, the technology, dubbed aiDX, is an advanced identification technology that uses deep science to simulate human cognition in order to confirm or determine the identity of a person to industrial grade standards on any smartphone or device equipped with a camera.

"We have been working on this technology for the past five years," says André L Immelman, CEO of aiThenticate Computervision Labs. "The whole initiative was based on the understanding that one of the most important and difficult questions of our time is ‘who is somebody actually?' We haven't figured out how to answer that quite properly. In the past, we have use all sorts of artefacts like passwords, biometrics, etc.

"However, in the post-9/11 world, where the security ante has been raised tremendously, we need to have answers that are certain about identity. We have been working on this solution for the past five years without commercialising it."

aiDX is set to be commercially launched next month.


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