OT-Morpho partners with Khushi Baby on infant biometric project
14 July 2017 14:35 GMT

OT-Morpho is working with wearable vaccinations solutions firm Khushi Baby on an infant biometric project in India.

As outlined on the OT-Morpho website, they are providing a fully decentralized biometric wearable and digital health platform to monitor and respond to the health of pregnant mothers and newborn children in rural India. Deployed in over 300 villages with the District Health Society of Udaipur in Rajasthan, this project is a world's first.

The Khushi Baby platform involves a digital health record worn as a necklace by pregnant women and babies and a mobile application for community health workers to interface with this necklace. The pregnant women and child record is updated through Near Field Communication (NFC) at the point of service. The approach allows the patient to attend any camp with any health worker and have their record read, regardless of connectivity. It also serves as auditable proof that health care reached the beneficiary. When community health workers return from the field to areas with cellular coverage, data is securely synced to a dashboard for health officials so that they can respond in real-time to health worker attendance, performance and data quality, supply side shortages at the point of care, and high risk pregnancies and infancies.

The Khushi Baby solution has been strengthened by incorporating use of the MorphoTablet, the secure biometric tablet of OT-Morpho. With this tablet, the Khushi Baby platform brings industry leading biometric security to protect personal health information. Furthermore, by combining the NFC, biometric and security features of the MorphoTablet, the Khushi Baby platform can authenticate individual ownership of their health record and take patient consent before making any updates – all in a manner that is offline and independent of the specific tablet used.

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