Biometric Signature ID adds to team
16 August 2017 13:50 GMT

ID verification software solutions firm Biometric Signature ID has announced the addition of several new team members.

The firm has appointed Dr. Mark Sarver, David Chatham, Julie Ricke, Tyler Weiland, David DeShazo and Ryan Bench  to the BSI team, saying the new staff bring with them years of experience from a variety of backgrounds, making them an invaluable addition to the BSI team.

Dr. Mark Sarver joins the BSI team as the Chief Behaviorist for Biometric Signature ID. Prior to joining BSI, he was the CEO of EDUKAN, a 6 college consortia in western Kansas for online education since 1999 serving students in 50 states. Dr. Sarver has served in many capacities in higher education. EDUKAN,  a leader in quality online distance education learning was BSI’s first client with more than 20,000 online students using BioSig-ID.

Also joining the Biometric Signature ID team is David Chatham and Tyler Weiland.

Chatham, a former Dean of Technology has been involved in technology based learning and was a pioneer in working with faculty and administrators to develop a strong online offering to Colorado students. Before joining BSI, he managed the learning management systems for the thirteen colleges of the Colorado Community College System. David joins BSI as Director of Managed Services.  

Weiland brings more than five years of domestic and international marketing and communications experience to the team. Prior to joining BSI as the company’s marketing specialist, he worked extensively in a multitude of industries where he used his talents to help promote and launch several high-level products and campaigns worldwide.

“We are excited to welcome Sarver, Weiland, DeShazo and Bench to the team,” said Jeff Maynard, President / CEO, Biometric Signature ID. “These gentlemen join us at a crucial time in BSI’s history. The company is growing by leaps and bounds and the addition of the new team members will help us to continue our path towards success.”

BSI is also pleased to announce the addition of David DeShazo, Ryan Bench and Julie Ricke to the BSI team.  

Deshazo joins BSI with more than 20 years of direct sales leadership and experience selling clinical IT solutions and robotics within the healthcare sector. He has demonstrated a consistent track record of outstanding sales execution performance for high profile and mission-critical products and services. 

Bench comes to BSI with an extensive background in forensic and investigative software sales geared toward public and private sector organizations. He is a left and right brain thinker who solves business challenges through the use of data, technology, analytics and strategic planning.

Prior to joining BSI, Ricke spent more than five years with EDUKAN where she designed, developed and revised online courses for EDUKAN and member institutions. She also remains current with adult learning, multimedia instructional design best practices and emerging topics through research and product testing. 

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