Biometric standardisation group seeks input
22 September 2017 13:36 GMT

The International Standardisation committee on Biometrics is seeking input on new standards it is developing.

The committee, number ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 has already generated a number of relevant
standards that are now widely in use.

Examples include ISO/IEC 19794-4:2005 "Biometric data interchange formats - Part 4: Finger image data" used in European electronic Passport. 

This and other standards have seen worldwide deployment and adoption. However, the ISB says the progress in technology now requires a revision of these standards. 

Thus new standardisation projects have been launched, which will develop in
the next 24 months.

A core concept followed for the interchange standards will be that the encoding will be
done in an extensible data structure.

The working drafts of these standards are now published and seeking
technical comments.

If you are working in the field of interoperable biometric data and/or evaluation of biometric systems please take a look at the current working drafts, which you can find under the following URLs:

ISO/IEC 2nd WD 39794-4 Extensible biometric data interchange formats –
Part 4: Finger image data:

ISO/IEC 2nd WD 39794-5 Extensible biometric data interchange formats –
Part 5: Face image data:

ISO/IEC WD 19795-1: Biometric performance testing and reporting -
Part 1: Principles and framework:

The ISB asks that experts please consider to contribute to the upcoming SC37 meeting and participate in the discussion about these working drafts before 3