Nursery in Oxford becomes first in UK to use palm vein solution
27 September 2017 16:49 GMT

A nursery in Oxford has installed a biometric security solution developed by SCM Secure, a tech start-up company focusing on the education market.

Aunties' Old School Nursery in Oxford has deployed SCM Secure’s biometric PalmSecure solution together with their cloudbased Learning Management System (LMS) at its two settings.

In a statement, SCM noted that the Secure’s biometric PalmSecure solution enables parents to register themselves and their children upon arrival at the nurseries which makes the registration process easier, quicker, and much more efficient.

“The Aunties have long had a reputation for being real visionaries and innovators, whilst maintaining our core focus of integrity to children,” says Sandy Enjily, co-founder of The Aunties.

“SCM Secure hold very similar values in this respect and, upon meeting Eva and Joakim, we quickly realised that we would be able to develop a special relationship that would bring innovative efficiency to the children in our care. The childcare industry is about ‘people’, and SCM Secure have found a way of introducing technology into that people-based universe. The Aunties applaud the rare integrity, values-based, visionary approach displayed by SCM Secure and feel privileged to be part of such a synergistic movement.”

Joakim Vollert, Head of Sales at SCM Secure UK says "We are very happy to have The Aunties' Old School Nursery as our first customer in the United Kingdom. Working with the experienced team at The Aunties can only make our system stronger and enhance our ability to improve the learning experience for nurseries worldwide. In order to provide the best possible solution for education providers, we need strong partnerships within the sector, and The Aunties is one such partner".

"Combined with their attention to all aspects of the well-being of the children in their care, we can build and adapt a technological solution that will help the nursery staff in their everyday work - giving them even more time to spend with the children."


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