Russian telecoms carrier to launch biometric platform in 2018
03 November 2017 14:32 GMT

Russia's Rostelecom has said it will launch a biometric authentication platform next year.

The firm said it is working on the development of a “National Biometric Platform” which will enable users to be identified simultaneously by their faces and voices, and we plan to introduce this service to the market by the end of 2018.

"Projects like this have enabled Rostelecom to make a quantum leap in the international scene as a technological leader which will underpin our sustainable growth", wrote the firm.

"The biometric identification space has developed rapidly around the globe, and Russia is no exception. "

In June, Rostelecom revealed that it will become the operator to implement the National Biometric Platform (NBP), a pilot project led by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and the Central Bank of Russia.

The platform will allow banks to use biometric identification techniques on clients using a federal state information system (The Unified System of Identification and Authentication, or ‘USIA’) to verify remote bank account applications and deliver other banking services.

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