Indian shops told to install iris scanners
22 November 2017 17:00 GMT

Indian welfare food stores have been told that iris recognition can be used for customers hoping to use Aadhaar authentication but with worn away fingerprints.

In Andhra Pradesh, J.R. Pushparaj, chairman of the Andhra Pradesh State Food Commission, said that "fair price" shops can apply for iris scanners to  ensure distribution of rice and groceries under the public distribution system.

Addressing a press conference at the end of his day-long tour in the city on Tuesday, Mr. Pushparaj said instructions were issued to all the fair price shops to consider the option of iris scan to those who could not append the fingerprints.

“The beneficiaries can also submit a letter issued by the VRO concerned to the dealer, certifying their inability to undergo the fingerprint scan,” he said, adding that the Commission would ensure food security to all and oversee the public distribution system.