Kyrgyzstan to link biometrics and blockchain for eGovernment
02 February 2018 15:52 GMT

Senior Kyrgyz officials say a link between biometrics and blockchain can enable better eGovernment services.

Kyrgyz PM Sapar Isakov said that the implementation of a digital agenda will unite and effectively coordinate the EAEU efforts to achieve common goals.

“A state portal has been created and it will provide 200 state services to citizens in the next two years. We introduced biometric data system, and about 80% of the population gave their personal data. All kinds of state services can be tied with the biometrics of citizens,” said Isakov.

He also added that Kyrgyzstan became the first member of Open Government partnership initiative in the region, which includes 75 governments around the world.

“Digitalization has a positive impact on the economy too. We also want to introduce fiscalization of tax procedures. Smart city projects are being carried out in the country, and in the next 1.5 years “smart” Bishkek and Osh cities will be built,” added Prime Minister.

Isakov added that Kyrgyzstan intends to use crypto-currencies in state purchases.

"It will reduce corruption, eradicate corruption elements and optimize state revenues. We want to be a digital government in the next year,” concluded Prime Minister Isakov.

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