Sensory's TrulySecure now supports 2D and 3D face recognition
27 February 2018 14:42 GMT

Identity solutions firm Sensory has announced that its TrulySecure face and voice biometric recognition technology now supports IR and 3D image data from Time-of-Flight camera systems, allowing the technology to identify and authenticate enrolled users via facial recognition, even in complete darkness.

"Facial recognition has become the most trusted and fastest growing biometric security solution on the market. Just a couple years ago facial recognition adoption was slow because of two major obstacles associated with using 2D RGB cameras – the ability to operate in low- to no-light scenarios, and vulnerability to high-resolution video," said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory. "While, we have mitigated nearly all potential security threats of 2D RGB cameras through advanced anti-spoofing algorithms and by fusing face and voice biometrics into one robust solution, we believe that utilizing IR and 3D image data will propel TrulySecure's security and user experience further ahead of the competition."

This latest update expands on Sensory's market-proven fusion of face and voice biometrics by further improving facial recognition of enrolled users, especially in challenging lighting scenarios. For devices that feature a traditional front-facing camera and a front-facing IR sensor, TrulySecure can be utilized to run using just IR and 3D data, or a fusion of RGB 2D camera data and Time-of-Flight IR and 3D sensor data for an added layer of security.

By fusing 2D, 3D and IR image data, TrulySecure is even better than before at preventing spoofing. By feeding IR and 3D data of the user's face to TrulySecure, its anti-spoofing algorithms are able to detect the actual enrolled user versus somebody trying to spoof the system via a high-quality photo or video, eliminating the chances of somebody fooling the facial recognition algorithms – a concern also further addressed by requiring both the user's face and voice be authenticated.


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