ID Finance to authenticate with behavioural biometrics
08 August 2018 15:02 GMT

ID Finance, an emerging markets fintech company, is incorporating behavioural biometrics into its AI-based fraud scoring engine to eliminate fraud, boost loan approvals and reduce the incidence of non-performing loans.

The behavioural biometrics system studies the unique typing and behavioural patterns users display during the loan application process to capture a range of patterns. These include mouse movements and how fingers interact with a keyboard. The biometrics record patterns such typing speed, typos, flight time between keys, keystroke depressions, as well as the patterns from actual input.

“The six-month pilot of our behavioural biometrics system has shown enormous potential,” chief risk officer Ekaterina Kazak said. “It works by learning and understanding borrowers’ interactions with keyboards. And it uses these movements to establish a user’s unique pattern of behavior as a basis of authentication.

“Any deviation from normal usage patterns will raise a red flag even if a user’s password and username have been input correctly. Behavior patterns cannot be faked and behavioural biometrics offers one of the strongest forms of authentication. We are even considering replacing user passwords with this data.”

The behavioral biometrics system was developed in-house by ID Finance’s team of data scientists, risk analysts and developers. The pilot program operated at an accuracy level of 97.6 per cent and has now been rolled out to all seven markets of operation. Over time ID Finance expects the accuracy level to increase as the system gathers more data and continues to learn about its users.

ID Finance is also working on developing the technology to extend the system to cover mobile keypads and touchscreen devices. It will capture patterns on such as the amount of pressure applied to the screen and how quickly fingers swipe and type.

“We are always looking at ways to minimize risk,” co-founder and CEO Boris Batine said. “Our biometrics system has simplified the loan approvals process without compromising on security and in fact, stops crime before it happens. The increased security has strengthened our relationships with customers and as the technology is passive, there has been no impact on the customer experience.”

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