Neurophysiologist has the nerve to invent new biometric
15 March 2018 17:27 GMT

A neurophysiologist has created a system that uses the human nervous system as its method of authentication, which transmits signals from the brain to the hand to the sensors on smartphones.

Martin Zizi, who has founded the firm Aerendir, has said these sensors extract a unique signature from microscopic vibrational patterns in the hand muscle. The user holds the devices for three-to-four seconds before the algorithm authenticates them for access.

Zizi has named the authentication technology Neuroprint, and sells it through the Californian company he founded called Aernedir.

"It is akin to a brain scan from the palm of your hands," he says. "Using kinetic sensor from a normal phone - the accelerometer and the gyroscope - you can measure vibrations. Not motion, but vibrations you don't see that are like shivering in the muscle."

Zizi argues that Neuroprint is more secure than voice, facial, fingerprint or IRIS biometric systems, as all of these can be recorded and copied, and can’t be replaced if they’re hacked or stolen.

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