Malaysian Police integrate face recognition in body-worn cameras
13 August 2018 14:22 GMT

The Auxiliary Force Sdn Bhd (AFSB) has become the first security force in the country to integrate body-worn cameras with facial recognition technology.

AFSB is working with YITU Technology (YITU), a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and innovation, for this initiative to transform and augment Malaysia’s public safety and law enforcement efforts, reports OpenGov.

AFSB is using the facial recognition technology to allow officers to review captured video footage to positively identify persons of interest post-event. The objective is to enhance the way auxiliary police safeguard the community, infrastructure and assets.

Implemented since February 2018, the body-worn cameras are currently in use by auxiliary police officers of AFSB at various critical infrastructure. Going forward, there are plans to expand the roll-out to more locations across Malaysia in the near future.

YITU is working with its system integration partner in Malaysia, Build Technology Converge, to deploy the body-worn camera systems.

Dato’ Rosmadi Bin Ghazali, CEO of Auxiliary Force Sdn Bhd said, “AFSB is committed to bring constant innovation and forward thinking to the security landscape in Malaysia. This is a significant step forward for us as we leverage artificial intelligence to increase public safety and security. Looking ahead, AFSB also intends to expand the capabilities of our body-worn camera system to include real-time facial recognition and instant alerts to the presence of persons of interest from criminal watchlists.”