Keesing ID Academy College Day 2018

7 June, 2018

Due to the situation in the world, the demand for verifying a person’s identity becomes more and more important. ID document checks are mostly being performed by non-experts, without any substantial knowledge about secured documents.

The first Keesing ID Academy College Day will take place on June 7, 2018 and will take you on a tour from ID document design via security features to ID document authentication. Five experts in their field are going to give their insights in the challenges we face and possible existing solutions to help the non-expert. Finally you are invited to participate in a discussion with all of the lecturers to find out if and how non-experts and experts can contribute to new ideas on document design and verification.

The day after the conference, everyone is invited to join for a boat ride through the Amsterdam canals,  a tasty lunch and for those who are interested, we got you free access to the famous Rijksmuseum (National Museum).

The Keesing ID Academy College day will be held at a historic Amsterdam location, The Koepelkerk, which was originally a church. Now it is one of  most beautiful event locations in Amsterdam!