Chinese facial ID firm targets Africa
14 May 2020 09:29 GMT

China's CloudWalk Technology, based in Guangzhou, has signed a deal with the Zimbabwean government on a facial recognition project, according to Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times.

The strategic director of CloudWalk's research and development center in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality,Yao Zhiqiang, told the Global Times in an exclusive interview that the company was aided in the decision by Guangzhou's investment outreach and ease of doing business.

"The Zimbabwean government did not come to Guangzhou purely for AI or facial ID technology, rather it had a comprehensive package plan for such areas as infrastructure, technology and biology," Yao said.

"With the knowledge that Chinese facial ID technology has made rapid progress over recent years, the Zimbabwean government hopes to introduce it to the country to help accelerate its modernization by partnering with leading Chinese enterprises in the IT sector," he noted to the newspaper.