Smartcore adds biometrics at Seoul airport
12 July 2018 10:24 GMT

Seoul’s Incheon International Airport has deployed SmartCore Inc's MBAS Plus immigration control devices, which employ Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo single-print FBI certified fingerprint scanner.

The airport previously used more basic SmartCore MBAS units at Terminal 1. However, these devices contained non-certified fingerprint scanners. The Integrated Biometrics Columbo sensors used in the new MBAS Plus product generate FBI Certified fingerprint images to quickly and accurately compare with  global standards-based criminal, terrorist, and immigration databases, significantly enhancing the capabilities of the MBAS product line.

“We love how frictionless the Columbo sensors make our devices,” said Ryan Kim, COO at SmartCore. “They’re fast and accurate, and there’s no need to clean the surface between scans. We needed a solution that connected our products with international law enforcement, as well as take the daily pounding that comes from immigration control queues at a major international airport. Columbo exceeds our highest expectations.”

Added Stephen Thies, CEO of Integrated Biometrics, “Our patented LES technology is perfect for the high-volume environments at airports – both at self-service immigration control devices and for mobile solutions that help quickly process passengers, employees, and contractors. That’s why we’re in use at 24 major North American airports as well as an expanding international presence, and we look forward to working closely with SmartCore to grow our mutual success across Asia.”

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