Homeless shelter in Canada to use face recognition
07 August 2018 15:44 GMT

The Calgary Drop-In Centre plans to use face recognition to identify clients that visit the shelter.

The Drop-In Centre is testing facial recognition technology for a non-invasive ID solution. Each client's photos are captured with a secure webcam, encrypted, and then linked to a system where staff can access the client's profile.

The program the Drop-In Centre is testing, which is being implemented by Vancouver-based IT company Sierra Systems, uses Microsoft's Facial Recognition API, reports CBC.

Client data would be stored securely in Microsoft's cloud in data warehouses in Quebec.

The newspaper notes that in Edmonton, Four Directions Financial credit union, within Boyle Street Community Services, retinally scans customers so people living in poverty can open bank accounts even if they don't have ID. 

Helen Wetherley Knight, director of IT at the Calgary Drop-In Centre. said to CBC that if the Drop-In Centre switches over to facial recognition, it could change the game for organizations that help people who are chronically homeless.

Eventually, they'd like to implement blockchain technology, to give clients control over which agencies access their personal information, and allow multiple agencies to work in conjunction to house clients.

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