SmartMetric reports battery advances
17 August 2018 15:10 GMT

Biometric credit card firm SmartMetric has reported a "breakthrough" in batteries used to charge fingerprint sensor-enabled credit cards.

SmartMetric said it has been able to achieve a breakthrough in its battery by a 100% increase in the battery's heat resistance factor, allowing the card to better withstand the high temperatures.  Very high temperatures are used by credit card lamination machines where both high heat and pressure are used to fuse a top and bottom PVC laminate.  This process is used almost universally in the making of credit and debit cards. 

"It is a significant breakthrough for us to now be able to use much higher temperatures in our card lamination process, allowing for a better fused lamination without harming the rechargeable battery inside the card.  Up until now, we have had to rely on advanced glues that provide the laminate bonding, using a reduced level of heat.  By us now being able to raise the temperature in laminating our cards, we are able to achieve an even stronger bond between the top and bottom PVC layers with our super thin electronics sandwiched inside", said SmartMetric's President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick. 

According to published industry figures, there are now 7.186 billion chip cards issued by banks globally.  This figure is based on reported figures for 2017.  Figures reported in Q4 of 2017 and represent the latest statistics from American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Union Pay, and Visa, as reported by their member institutions globally.  It is also reported by the industry association of card manufacturers, Smart Payment Association, 2.3 Billion smart payment cards were shipped globally in 2017.

The SmartMetric biometric credit/debit card is designed specifically for use with Chip Cards.  Inside the SmartMetric biometric card is a fingerprint scanner that uses the cardholder's pre-stored fingerprint inside the card to match and then activate the card based on the cardholder's fingerprint biometrics.

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