UN Counter-Terrorism Agencies and Biometrics Institute announce collaborative workshops
20 August 2018 10:40 GMT Posted by • Nicholas Clark Bryan

Forward progress is being made between the Biometrics Institute and the Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) as they enter their next stage of collaboration on using biometrics in combating terrorism. This will take the form of regional workshops to increase knowledge, awareness and the capabilities of different countries.

These workshops are to be run by the UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force with regional and international organisation’s assistance, including the Biometrics Institute who will use the extensive expertise of their membership base. The institute will run workshops to ensure that all angles of the Compendium have been effectively conveyed while also promoting their own Privacy Guidelines, recommending their use.

Vladimir Voronkov and Michèle Coninsx, the Under-Secretary-General for the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism and, Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of CTED respectively, both praised the Biometrics Institute’s technical expertise and their support.

Coninsx, in a comment relayed by Biometrics Update, said: “As our work becomes more complex and more focused on certain thematic areas, including biometrics, I trust that we can continue to rely upon invaluable support and expertise from the Biometrics Institute, a key partner of CTED, who brings its experience on the responsible use of biometrics,”

The initial phase of the Biometrics Institute and CTED collaboration produced the “United Nations Compendium of Recommended Practices for the Responsible Use & Sharing of Biometrics in Counter Terrorism.” This was official launched in June at the UN Headquarters, New York, during a meeting of UN Member States’ counter-terrorism agency heads.

Posted By: Nicholas Clark Bryan


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