Princeton Identity gains iris patents
22 August 2018 15:15 GMT

Iris tech firm Princeton Identity has announced three new patents related to innovations in iris recognition technology that the company was awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The new patents include:

Patent 10042994 for Validation of the Right to Access an Object.
Patent 10025982 for Collecting and Targeting Marketing Data and Information Based upon Iris Identification.
Patent 10038691 for Authorization of a Financial Transaction.

The new patents represent the application of Princeton Identity’s unique approach to iris authentication in three very important market areas: access, marketing, and financial transactions. Using the techniques described in these patents, Princeton Identity advances the application of iris identification and personnel authentication much more broadly than physical security and represents the anticipated adoption of these technologies in the broader marketplace.

“We’re extremely excited that the USPTO has recognized Princeton Identity’s latest inventions and team of biometrics experts,” stated Mark Clifton, CEO of Princeton Identity. “With over 11 patented technologies in our portfolio and many more pending, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to creating the most advanced and accurate iris recognition-based solutions to ensure accurate and convenient authentication of people and access to assets.”