Canadian start-up Plurilock launches new behavioural biometric solutions
23 August 2018 15:06 GMT Posted by • Laura Camplisson

Plurilock, a Canadian start-up delivering solutions for workplace identity assurance, announces it has surpassed $1million revenue and is launching new products to meet increasing demand for behavioural biometric security.

The new products, Plurilock Aware and Plurilock Defend, will be dedicated to user behaviour analysis (UBA). They complement Plurilock’s existing, patented endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform, which uses behavioural biometrics and AI to continuously authenticate users in real time.

Plurilock Aware will compare user’s behaviour to known behavioural signatures, calculating a risk score and identifying anomalies. Plurilock say it will, “integrate seamlessly with existing systems”, enabling workplaces to not only track efficiency but prevent unauthorised activity or employee substitution.

Plurilock Defend will provide what Plurilock say is currently, “the only continuous, invisible EDR solution for workplace identity threats.” Making use of behavioural biometrics, the technology identifies micro-patterns in a user’s keystrokes and mouse movements, to protect against account take-overs or remote access trojans which do not match the user’s established identity.

The company states the new products will enable organisations to, “thwart insider threats, privileged access elevations, misused credentials, and other key vulnerabilities faster and more effectively than has previously been possible”. They add that, “identities and privileges are transparently validated in real-time, avoiding the interruptions that login-based authentication causes.”

Plurilock intend to use the technology to serve government, finance and other regulated industries, facing increasing numbers of more sophisticated identity threats.

“Governments and businesses are recognising the need to go beyond single-point-in-time user validation to a real-time approach that continuously assures users’ identities,” said Plurilock CEO Ian Paterson. “We’ve refined our product offering to give customers the deployment flexibility that they need to meet a variety of requirements.”

The company have also announced today a new SaaS version of its cybersecurity suite, which will bring the capabilities from its BioTracker product into the cloud.

It seems the growth has been made possible by recent investment of $3million, together with rapid market adoption of next-generation, security solutions such as these. CEO Ian Paterson said, “Together with our global partners, ongoing product development, and revenue growth, we’ve built the momentum needed to accelerate our worldwide market expansion.”

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