FaceTec notes achievement in anti-spoofing test
23 August 2018 17:15 GMT

3D face recognition tech firm FaceTec announced today that its ZoOm 3D Face Login is now the first - and only - biometric to achieve a Level 1 rating in the NIST/NVLAP-certified iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Certification test.

The test determines the effectiveness of anti-spoofing Liveness Detection technology in compliance with the ISO 30107-3 global standard.

Over 1500 spoof sessions utilizing hundreds of high resolution photos and videos were attempted over six days of testing. No spoof attempts were able to fool the system and ZoOm achieved a perfect 100% anti-spoofing "score". Further adding to the testing-level difficulty, the ISO 30107-3 standard requires the test subjects be "fully cooperative", allowing each user to provide iBeta with "any and all" biometric data requested. This testing method ensures the authenticator is strong enough to prevent complicit user fraud and thwart phishing attacks. Please see the iBeta ZoOm 3D FAce Login SDK PAD Certification Test Report Executive Summary here.

"Legacy 'blink and smile' liveness detection systems are so easily fooled by videos and animated photos that they can't even come close to passing this test," said Josh Rose, CTO of FaceTec, "And based on what I've seen on YouTube and in our testing, I don't believe that even the latest, greatest 3D smartphone camera hardware would pass Level 1."

In addition to achieving Level 1 compliance with an international PAD standard, ZoOm has a convenient and intuitive interface that has been commercially proven in production on four continents in banking, connected transportation, government, and access management.

ZoOm's AI-driven technology clearly transcends the typical definition of Facial Recognition as universal software that not only matches the face of the user, but also concurrently verifies three-dimensionality and detects human liveness. ZoOm's world-leading anti-spoofing technology runs during both enrollment and authentication and is the key to verifying the correct user is truly present at the time of identification.

"ZoOm's security is our team's top priority", said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec. "We believe most of our competitors have attempted PAD testing and failed, so achieving the first and only Level 1 certification is truly a milestone in the biometrics industry."

The iBeta PAD test is an important step towards bringing much-needed transparency into the biometrics industry. Organizations of all sizes have a responsibility to their users to choose security solutions that are 3rd party tested, but in the past it has been extremely difficult for enterprises to properly assess the security of biometric systems. The only options were to perform exhaustive testing themselves or rely solely on vendors' claims.

"Our NVLAP-accredited lab and ISO-guided program provides the level of verifiability and consistency needed to help providers create products that can be more easily assessed and targeted for specific use cases," said Dr. Kevin Wilson, Director of Biometrics at iBeta.

ZoOm is the world's most secure face authentication software. ZoOm easily integrates into any iOS or Android app, and can be accessed via browser and webcam, delivering unparalleled biometric security and convenience.

Developers can download the fully functional demo app directly from ZoOmLogin.com for iOS, Android or for web browsers. Developer SDKs are also available with plugins for Xamarin, Appcelerator/Titanium, Phonegap, Cordova, Ionic and React Native.

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