Italian food chain selects Crossmatch
28 August 2018 15:42 GMT

Identity tech firm Crossmatch has announced that Fazoli’s Restaurants, a quick-service Italian restaurant chain in the US, has completed its rollout of Crossmatch U.are.U fingerprint readers.

Each of the over 200 Fazoli’s corporate and franchise locations across 26 states were upgraded to use biometrics at the point-of-sale (POS) to improve efficiency, ensure correct staffing levels and reduce fraud.

Prior to biometrics, Fazoli’s employees used 4-digit PINs for access control at the POS. This insecure form of authentication enabled employees to use each other’s PINs to clock in and out, leaving management with an inaccurate picture of staff availability. It was also too easy for employees to obtain manager credentials and perform unauthorized transactions, draining away hard-won profits.

“Crossmatch biometrics allow our management to know for sure that an adequate number of team members are present at each store to ensure responsive customer service,” said Wayne Pederson, Fazoli’s Executive IT Director. "Our associates are now able to sign in quickly and are held accountable for their POS transactions."

The adoption of biometrics paid off handsomely for Fazoli’s allowing them to more efficiently and effectively manage staff, a core goal for every quick-service restaurant. The return on investment in POS biometrics across all stores was measured in weeks, not months. These compelling results followed a smooth implementation process which minimized costs associated with upgrading their store front systems. Crossmatch fingerprint readers are already integrated as an option with the majority of POS hardware and software systems.

"Restaurant and retail point-of-sale operations are ideal for biometrics-based identity management solutions," noted Richard Agostinelli, Crossmatch CEO. "We are seeing greatly accelerated adoption of biometrics at the POS as business owners realize their ease of adoption and rapid return on investment."

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