SAFR from RealNetworks launches in India
30 August 2018 16:48 GMT

RealNetworks India, a subsidiary of RealNetworks, has announced the immediate availability of Secure Accurate Facial Recognition (SAFR) for the Indian market.

The firm said SAFR recognizes faces with proven 99.8 percent accuracy for Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW), based on the University of Massachusetts benchmark. In addition, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), tested SAFR's recognition algorithm for "Wild Faces" False Non-Match Rate (FNMR), and ranked it as one of the world's top facial recognition algorithms.

The company added that SAFR encrypts all facial data and images to ensure privacy. When used locally, no personal or facial data is ever transmitted over the Internet.

Noriaki Takamura, Vice President and Head of APAC region who travelled from Tokyo for the SAFR launch said, "SAFR supports numerous secure access use cases where facial recognition can replace the use of an ID badge, securely automate entry to facilities, trigger notifications, and log events for analytics.

"SAFR provides facial detection and tracking of many faces in a single camera feed. Each face can be selectively analyzed for age, gender, sentiment, and liveness. Faces are rapidly matched to a database of enrolled faces, returning each identity with a recognition confidence score. SAFR works with off-the-shelf IP cameras and runs on mobile devices and readily available computers."

Bikas Jha, Country Manager for RealNetworks India, further explained, "SAFR has been designed to scale with high performance and fast processing time, even in rural areas with very low bandwidth. Delivering best-in-class facial recognition, SAFR leverages the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to detect and differentiate individuals in complex surroundings.

"SAFR is continuously improving and expanding in real-world environments. Building on its legacy and leadership in streaming media - including compression, media delivery, digital rights management, and efficient scalability - RealNetworks' expertise now extends to AI, machine learning and deep neural networks: the foundation of SAFR.