Deutsche Telekom chooses Nuance for authentication
04 September 2018 16:03 GMT

Voice biometrics firm Nuance Communications has announced that Deutsche Telekom has deployed Nuance's voice biometrics solution to offer subscribers easy and secure authentication when calling the customer service hotline.

Deutsche Telekom is the first company in Germany to leverage voice biometrics. It has integrated Nuance's voice biometrics with its existing customer service hotline, already powered by Nuance conversational AI-based technology, to allow customers to speak their requests naturally instead of navigating a complex phone menu.

With the addition of voice biometrics, customers at Deutsche Telekom can now use the sound of their voice to confirm their identity when calling for service. Instead of entering cumbersome information such as account numbers, enrolled subscribers simply say the passphrase "Bei der Telekom ist meine Stimme mein Passwort" which is matched to their unique voiceprint, akin to a fingerprint, to gain account access.

Nuance's voice biometrics technology is currently improving overall customer experience and satisfaction on the phone channel for Deutsche Telekom, as well as reducing call handling time. In the future, the same technology can enable streamlined authentication for other channels including mobile apps and the web.

"We're proud to be leading the way as the first German telecommunications provider to deploy voice biometrics on our service hotlines and making this advanced technology available to our customers. We can identify our customers quite simply and quickly by the sound of their voices and there will be no more time wasted searching for contract numbers. The procedure is one of the most secure available," says Ferri Abolhassan, Managing Director Service at Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

"It is no secret that consumers today have higher expectations and demands for the type of service they receive from the companies they do business with," said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance. "Our conversational AI solutions enable Deutsche Telekom to power more natural customer service conversations and deliver individuals the help they need quickly and securely."