Nok Nok Labs adds Fido2 certification
27 September 2018 08:27 GMT

Authentication suite firm Nok Nok Labs has announced its solution has been FIDO2 certified by the FIDO Alliance.

It said the Nok Nok S3 Authentication Server is the first FIDO universal server certified for all FIDO protocols (UAF, U2F and FIDO2).

“Every day there is news of a new phishing or other scalable attack, caused by the use of weak and stolen passwords,” said Phillip Dunkelberger, CEO & President of Nok Nok Labs. “Our breadth of experience as the most broadly deployed FIDO-based platform puts us in a unique position to deliver phishing-resistant, privacy-conscious authentication in a passwordless user experience. We look forward to bringing these solutions and benefits to our customers and partners as we deliver on our vision of fixing the security and ease of use flaws on the internet.”

“A founding member of the FIDO Alliance, Nok Nok Labs has been a valued contributor to the creation of all FIDO specifications including FIDO2. With today’s FIDO2 certification, the Nok Nok Labs Authentication Server is the first Universal Server certified for all FIDO specifications. This achievement illustrates its ability to address a wide variety of use cases and provide a range of authenticator options to service providers looking to combat phishing and other scalable attacks with simpler and stronger FIDO Authentication,” said Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance.

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