Identity community asked to contribute to SIA initative
16 October 2018 16:42 GMT

Ahead of its Q4 launch, the Secure Identity Alliance has published an Open Source API on the GitHub collaboration platform – inviting contributions from the worldwide ID community.  

The initiative, which provides technical interoperability between civil registries and identity systems, is the first of its kind and a major step towards reducing the costs of establishing and maintaining national identity schemes.

Supported by the world’s leading identity systems vendors, the Open Source API breaks down the proprietary barriers to evolving ID ecosystems and digital identities across the world.

By delivering technical interoperability, governments can maximize the value of their existing identity systems and infrastructure, and invest in new solutions without integration problems or single vendor dependency. 

Following publication on GitHub, Secure Identity Alliance will develop functional and technical interface documents.

Commenting on the publication of the code, Debora Comparin, who leads the initiative for the SIA, said: “This project reflects the commitment of the ID sector to work with public and private partners to address interoperability issues. The Open Source API will enable governments to select the most appropriate technologies – without restriction and independent of architecture or vendor. Only through this kind of ongoing collaboration can we achieve the goal of legal identity for all - and we welcome contributions from across the value chain to make it happen.”