Indonesia tightens border control with SITA's biometric system
27 May 2013 11:02 GMT

SITA has announced that its biometric border management solution, BioThenticate is being used to tighten security at Indonesia’s international borders. The system, which can match and manage up to 20 million unique biometric identities, is being rolled out at nine airports and one seaport in Indonesia by the Directorate General of Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia, locally known as Imigrasi, and will provide real-time matching against a biometric watch-list.

SITA’s solution is a matching and management biometric system that allows Indonesia’s government entities to co-ordinate their border control activities across multiple departments. BioThenticate captures face and fingerprint data of arriving travellers and manages it in a person-centric database of identities. Duplicate identities are consolidated into a single person record allowing people who are claiming multiple identities to be easily tracked. This data is used by all departments to prevent identity fraud, including controlling the issue of stay permits, and managing primary line operations and illegal migrant activity.

Rudhy Chaidir, Director of Immigration Information Systems, Imigrasi, said: “In just six months, SITA has implemented this sophisticated biometrics system which allows the various departments in Indonesia to have a single, shared view of identities. We began at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, which handles 10 million international passengers a year, and are now adding nine additional ports of entry. We have successfully worked with SITA for many years and now we have the SITA end-to-end solution which covers border management from the primary line, to passport, visa and stay permit and uses large scale, comprehensive biometric identity management. We are confident we will achieve a significant reduction in identify fraud and enable tighter security at Indonesia’s international borders.”

Imigrasi has used SITA solutions throughout its border management operations since 2007 including the primary immigration inspection line system at 30 ports of entry, and supporting systems to manage the Indonesian watch list. In 2010, SITA added ten-print fingerprint and face biometric capture for visitors to the primary line system, with Indonesian firm, Sigma Cipta Caraka, helping to deploy the system at ports of entry. SITA partnered with NEC Asia Pacific to deliver a matching engine for fingerprint and facial biometric data to minimize the time required for passenger processing at Indonesia’s borders.

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