Argentina announces Federal Biometric Identification System
08 November 2011 21:10 GMT

Argentine President announces new biometric system

Argentina's President has announced a biometric system that will provide police and immigration services with a way to identify citizens and enhance security.

The Federal Biometrics Identification System for Security (SIBIOS) will provide the relevant departments with biometric information through an agreement with the National Citizen Register.

The system is supported by an AFIS and holds biographical, biometric and photographic records to allow effective identification of individuals and crime scene traces.

The National Citizen Register, a decentralized body of the Ministry of the Interior, is responsible for both the enrolment and identification of individuals domiciled in the Argentine territory or in Argentine jurisdictions. It is also responsible for the issuance of the National Identity Document and National Passport.

The system will be used by the Federal Police, the National Gendarmery, the National Coast Guard, the Airport Security Police, the National Citizen Register and the National Immigration Office.

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