Whoo launches face recognition privacy app
07 November 2018 13:59 GMT

A Boston-based start-up company, Whoo.ai, is launching a new app in the Apple App Store designed to allow individuals to control their privacy in the application of facial recognition technology.

The new app, called Who Knows Me, allows individual users to opt out of facial recognition technology used in stores, offices, malls and other locations.

“Who Knows Me lets you opt out of being recognized by the hundreds of cameras that are filming you every day in the places where you spend your time - your favorite stores, your office or your car when you are sitting in traffic,” says Arturo Falck, co-founder and president of Whoo.ai.

“Our app lets you tell the companies that run facial recognition technology that you want your face to remain anonymous,” said Falck. “When you walk into stores that participate with our app, their cameras will still photograph you, but they will be prohibited from recognizing your face and matching it to your identity,” he explained.

As facial recognition technology becomes ubiquitous, brick and mortar businesses will increasingly know how to create personalized ads based on their consumers’ activities captured by store cameras and matched to their identities. “We support facial recognition technology and believe in its use to verify identity and enhance consumers’ security,” said Falck. “’With this app, our goal is to balance these benefits with consumers’ privacy.”