Crossmatch to provide Bangladesh election modules
09 November 2018 13:08 GMT

Crossmatch has completed delivery of 150,000 of its optical fingerprint modules for use in electronic voting machines (EVM) in the upcoming Bangladesh general election.

The biometric modules are to be integrated into EVMs built by the Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) and utilized by the Bangladesh Election Commission. It has been widely reported in the local media that the Commission is seeking to curb voter fraud and election rigging.

Bangladeshi voters can verify their identity through multiple means, including smart cards and voter ID numbers, but the fingerprint biometric is mandatory.  Not only will voters be required to submit fingerprints, but the EVM operator must provide a unique password and fingerprint to access the EVM. An individual will not have access to a voting machine without a fingerprint verification.

“Crossmatch stepped up to the challenge in Bangladesh, delivering 150,000 units in little more than four weeks,” noted Richard Agostinelli, Crossmatch CEO. “High volume production is routine for us across our single finger and tenprint livescan lines given our customer base and their use case applications. Our proven technology and high-quality supply chain enabled us to do what other vendors could not.”

The optical-based single fingerprint line is one of Crossmatch’s most popular biometric sensors. It offers unparalleled ease of use and 500 dpi resolution for high quality print collection – making it the optical single finger sensor of choice for voting systems, secure network access authentication and for a range of other assured identity applications.

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